COVID-19 Precautions


To All Our Customers:


My heart goes out to you, your family, and our community during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thanks to all the health care workers, government workers, and those putting in long hours trying to keep the shelves stocked with nessesary cleaning supplies and food.  Your efforts are very much appreciated.


We are open in all areas.  Sales, Service, Parts and Auto Detailing departments are open with some adjusted hours so we recommend you contact us before coming by the dealership, 715-394-4429.


For the saftey of everyone and to comply with the City of Superior's referendum we do require all customers and staff to wear a mask/face covering over their mouth and nose while inside areas of the buidlings accessable to the public.  We also ask that face coverings are worn while outside the buildings but within 6 feet of another person.


Our employees will also wear a face covering whenever they are in a customer's vehicle.  They will also either wear gloves or sanitizer their hands before and after entering a customer's vehicle.  


As you know we are constantly getting new information.  As things change we will do our best to keep you updated on our website and Facebook page.


Kari Toyota, our employees, and customers have a long history and have faced many challenges over our 86+ years...WWII, fuel embargos, major recessions, and the 9-11 terrorist attacks just to name a few.  Not many businesses can say they've been through as much as ours.  COVID-19 is a different challenge and needs to be taken seriously.  It will take some time but if we all do our part we can stay safe and we will make it through this challenge as well.


Thank you for all you do to keep our community safe and a great place to work and live.  


May God keep you healthy and provide for your needs.



Chris Kari